About Us

As a retail department under the TDC Group of Companies’ umbrella, the TDC Home and Building Depot has positioned itself as the leader in the marketplace. Paints, Plumbing, Electrical, Hardware, Building Materials, Lawn and Garden, Household Goods, Furniture, Appliances, and Electronics are the main retailing areas of focus for this one stop super store.

Our Paint and Oils department boasts of Regional leading brands, such as, BERGER and Harris, whose formulation is ideally suited for Caribbean climate conditions.

We stock a wide range of plumbing materials including pipes, fittings, exquisite fixtures and faucets in modern styles and brands for all locations.

Classy, elegant and unique lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, switches, and outlet boxes can all be found in the Electrical section at our stores.

In the Hardware section one will find power tools, such as, circular saws and hammer drills in the Makita, Dewalt, and Stanley lines, to hand tools, hammers, screwdrivers, hinges, locksets, to complete that building or renovation project.

Quality concrete blocks, cement, plywood, lumber, steel, welded mesh sheets, roofing materials (galvalume, shingles, and galvanized sheets) are readily on hand to just some of the building materials that are is readily available all under our roof.

The farmer, whether on a large or small scale, or the back-yard gardener are well supported with the range of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Small gardening tools, sprayers and various types of mulches and grass cutting machines in quality brands are all available for purchase.

In the Electronics and Appliances section, washing machines,dryers  stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, blenders, hand and cake mixers, food processoers, irons, televisions, stereo sets and gaming equipment in some of the most sought-after brands call his section home. We offer varying warranties based on product types, and the opportunity to purchase extended warranties, for that extra peace of mind.

Find everything you need for to complement any room of the home from our wide array of household and housewares section including cushions, sheet sets, curtain, cook and bakeware, beverage sets, crockery, accent pieces and even cleaning supplies to make living more comfortable.

Our Furniture Showroom has sofa sets, mattresses, pillows, beds, love seats, futons, ottomans, bedroom, living and dining room furniture, along with office chairs, desks and workstations can all find its rightful place in your home or office.

The products and services offered at the TDC Home and Building Depot can be acquired by cash, credit, cheque, credit card or hire purchase, which features our easy and affordable repayment plans. 

Our Electrical Repair and Services Centre caters to all your appliance, electronic and home or office equipment repair needs. The certified team of speacilaites are on hand to ensudre that your products are serviced with care, attention to detail and returned 

Remember our trained, friendly and knowledgeable staff awaits you and welcome you to take advantage of our many product and service offerings.