Borrowing money could not be easier these days – the loans industry is a highly competitive market and a host of companies are eager to lend you money. However, some will only lend you a percentage of your home’s value, while others may seem like a good deal but when you look carefully you find they charge all sorts of hidden extras such as arrangement or valuation fees.

It is possible to find the right loan at the right price. At TDC Financial Services Company Limited, we design a loan to suit your individual needs. You choose how much you want to borrow, and how long for – and you could find you’ve reduced your monthly expenses by 50% or more.

Need Financing? Do You Need A Loan? Let us Help you grow at TDC Financial Services Company Limited!

Are You interested in:

–          Buying a vehicle 
–          New furnishings or appliances
–          Buying land
–          Renovating your home
–          Consolidating debts
–          Or any other undertaking


Try a TDC Financial Services Loan.

Applying for a loan is easy, and in most cases, we will give you a decision within 24 hours. Our interest rates are competitive, and the terms can be tailored to your needs. Our loans officers are friendly and willing to give you useful free advice on financing.


Loan Requirements.


-employed for a minimum of 2 years
-2 valid picture IDs
-copy of 2 most recent payslips (4 if you work biweekly or weekly)
-proof of address
-reason for loan (document)
-loan facilitated by standing order or salary deduction

Self Employed 

-proof of earnings (recent bank statement)
-business license
-2 valid picture IDs
-proof of address
-reason for loan (document)
-receipt book (if applicable)
-contracts (if applicable)
-security (case by case)